“Your amazing work has already helped me connect to people all around the world.”

Hi from Ireland ☘🍀

Keyon, 💜  I would like to thank you sincerely for all you have done for me. I really felt you took the journey with me, you helped me in so many ways, your vision, guidance and professional advice. You poured genuine love into creating a platform (my very own) website  from where I can connect to my audience\clients. Your amazing work has already helped me connect to people all around the world. You helped me find my confidence to step out and help others find themselves and connect with other intuitive sensitives. My dream that you made reality and you offer such a unique service by blending all of your gifts, your vision and intuition to help others. And thank you for your continued support, i feel very blessed
I will be recommending your unique services to all. xxx

Samantha Doyle

Samantha Doyle Emotions

Finally, I got a website that I have wanted since I started my business in 2009!  Keyon actually designed my website as I wanted, crisp, clean, professional and simple. In addition to this, Keyon added interactive features which I didn’t expect, but am very pleased is incorporated in my website. I love my website now, its just unfortunate it took so many years to find someone that actually listened and didn’t just take my money and do what they wanted and give me the complete opposite to what I was asking.

Thanks Keyon for the awesome site!

Kathy van’t Foort
Director Backyard Buyers

“Keyon offers much more than a website, she will lead you to the places you’ve been aspiring to reach in your business and you will never have to look back and wonder! “

I am so happy with the new website Keyon has created for me. I was looking for something that was eye catching, vibrant and professional and all these boxes have been ticked.

Not only did she create a stunning website, but she also helped me have the confidence to step out of my comfort zone, tackle my fears and begin my new online healing therapy. I kept shying away from taking the next big step in my business, but with the help of Keyon’s honest and direct approach she got me to take the leap and opened up my business to the potential of worldwide clients.

Keyon offers much more than a website, she will lead you to the places you’ve been aspiring to reach in your business and you will never have to look back and wonder!

Thank You Keyon 😉

Louise Sweeney

Biomagnetism Brisbane


Working with Keyon has been SO powerful. After just one session she was able to pull parts of my story out of me that I was keeping hidden away without even realizing it. She helped me write my story in a way that feels in complete alignment with exactly who I am, and it feels so freakin’ fantastic!  Truth is I was afraid to share some of the stuff that came out because I thought it would scare people away.

But, what happened was exactly the opposite. In a matter of 2 days after sharing what I really wanted to be offering and who was behind the REAL me, I’ve been attracting more clients to me like a magnet! Keyon gave me the swift kick in the booty that I needed to stop waiting and do the thing I was scared of too. Don’t even think about making excuses with her! She is without a doubt an expert at what she does with a no-nonsense approach (and uncanny intuition) to weeding out the b.s. you might be hiding behind. I highly recommend working with her as it has shifted my mindset and how I approach my work tremendously!

You are AMAZING Keyon!  Lots of love and gratitude to you!

Mishy Matthews ~ Costa Rica

Energy Healer

I’ve been attracting more clients to me like a magnet! Keyon gave me the swift kick in the booty that I needed to stop waiting and do the thing I was scared of to.

"I pull cards for myself but cannot understand the message Spirit is trying to say. I had a reading from Keyon. And OMG she put the puzzle pieces together for me. I now understand what path I need to take no more second guessing myself. And when I feel the doubt trying to come back Keyon will be the first person I get in contact with. Thanks Keyon you have made me believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel!"

Marvel White

"I recently had a spot on session with Keyon. My mouth was wide open from the start. Her clear and direct guidance was one of the best readings I've ever had, and I'm not easily impressed EVER! No general messages here! The way she was able to drill deep and speak to and of me as if she'd known me my entire life. She asked for NOTHING! But she gave LOTS! Keyon works very closely with Spirit and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to read with her!"

Sophia Towns

I highly recommend receiving a reading with Keyon. She told me exactly what I needed to hear and was able to take me back to a specific time in my past that helped me see that I’ve always had exactly what I needed within me to help me move into this next phase of journey. She was also able to give me specific steps and direction that have given me insight and clarity around my business and my life. I am forever grateful to her for sharing her powerful gift with me.

Denise ~ USA

"Keyon clearly has a gift and is in communication with her and other’s guides. When my aunt came through it was palpable. It isn’t so much in the words Keyon shared but it was more of an energy transmission, that allowed my aunt to feel so present. Keyon is vulnerable and authentic in her work, and I was touched when what she saw was emotional to her. Through her guidance Keyon gave clear advice and action steps which I appreciated."

Jennifer ~ USA

"The reading Keyon gave me was very in-depth and extremely articulate. I loved how she put each answer into greater context enabling me to easily and immediately apply her responses to my exact situation. I knew right from the beginning she had tuned into my energy after answering my first question by more or less reaffirming the same message spirit tries to impress upon me no matter which way I word that particular question! I would highly recommend a reading from Keyon as she’s personable, thorough and concise."

Jason ~ USA

"Hi Keyon, Thank you so much for the healing! I am excited to put the suggestions that came through into practice. I loved having a breakdown of the different chakra areas and how to focus on each one individually. I have had a lot of issues with my 5th chakra area, so it was great to not only get information, but to get a tip on something I can do to try to support it! You have a very loving, positive and sweet energy and it shows in your delivery of the messages you receive. Thank you again!"

Justine ~ USA

"Hi Keyon, Speaking with Keyon was like speaking to a dear friend whom I haven’t spoken to in a long time. She instantly put me at ease and created a space where I felt ok to just “be”. In her reading of me, Keyon shared what came to/through her, which happened to be completely congruent with what other’s (who have known me for a long time) have been telling me. She was spot on with everything she said and shared everything with love and care. Keyon definitely has a gift to share with the world. If you are looking for direction and certainty, I highly recommend having a conversation with Keyon!"

Heather ~ USA

"Good morning from Kansas, First I want to thank you for being the voice of reason, I couldn’t hear my own thoughts due to trying to be everything for everyone but myself. I needed that validation from you (guides) that it’s not being selfish to take care of myself and follow my own path and let everyone else follow theirs without me being involved all the time. I like that you didn’t try and sugar coat anything, you told it like you heard it, the no B.S. approach. ??? Thank you for being there!"

Liz ~ USA

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