I partner with you to not only create an online platform for you, but I also help get you out of your own way. Whether it's fear, perfectionism, procrastination or just not knowing what next steps to take, I can help guide you so you can thrive! 🖤

If you can't find a suitable time in the calendar, please click here to email me and we can figure something out!


Website Creation

 Do you have a vision in your mind's eye of how you want your website to look? Well look no further, one of my greatest passions is to bring to life that vision you hold. Whether it's a brand new website or a revamp, I'm your girl.

I will create a site that you will be proud and confident to market and one that visitors will trust. If you have smaller tweaks or need a revamp of your old site, I can also help. Schedule a free 15 minute appointment so we can chat about your needs and get things happening for you.

Prices for a brand new site start from $1500.

Soul Readings

 Soul readings are a combination of healing, psychic, intuitive and mediumship readings. We meet via Skype, Zoom or phone and I tap into your energy to deliver messages directly from your higher self to you.

You will hear exactly what it is you need to hear at the time of the reading. Your soul will feel the truth of what is being said. Sometimes passed loved ones or guides pop in to give you support and messages too. After the reading you will feel empowered and certainty.

Appointments are 45 minutes long and cost $115.


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