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Ever since I had my first child, twenty six years ago, I’ve been struggling with my weight. I’ve been on various diets and tried new fads but none of them were sustainable. I tried no carb diets, Keto diets, fasting, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, shakes, soup diets and many more!

I lost all of the weight a couple of times, but only managed to keep it off for up to two or three years and as soon as I was off the diet or on maintenance, the weight piled back on.

This new way of eating doesn’t focus on your weight, it focuses on how much you eat, what you’re eating and, yes, how much you actually move. I broke my foot very badly about eleven years ago and therefore can’t do much in terms of exercise, and, to be honest, I’m not a fan of the gym. I love to walk and ride my bike (on flat bike paths). That’s the only exercise I do and have managed to lose weight and, feel so much fitter. 

In this guide I take you through how I was able to lose weight while travelling for 4 months. One month was on a road trip in Australia and the other three were in Paris. I ate eclairs and charcuterie and drank wine. I never felt like I was missing out and the best thing was, that I was losing weight at the same time.

I’m not selling you an easy to swallow pill that will magically make you lose weight. I don’t think those things actually work, and if they do, not for long. I’m selling you a new mindset and relationship with your food, mind and body. It’s simple and, you can do it at your own pace, but, you need to be disciplined too if you want it to work. But, if you take it at your own pace and take the time to learn how to do it, it’ll become like second nature to you. And most of all, you’ll be in charge! You won’t have to pay someone to keep you accountable or, for special foods or pills or recipes. It’s something you create for you!

If you’re interested in creating a new relationship with your food, I have created a short e-book to walk you through the process. Just press the purchase button below and you will be taken to PayPal and then redirected to a page to download the e-book.  

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