We have movement guys! I’ve done a couple of paintings!! YAY!!! Finally! I can’t believe (I can but I can’t) how much I hold myself back, it’s ridiculous!! The battle that goes on within is tiring. I eventually won though, but, I have to be more consistent. I had a very productive morning and then decided I was going to sort through all of my photos on iCloud. Bloody hell!! I have tens of thousands of photos and, nearly two hundred videos uploaded and I was getting messages saying that the storage I have paid for is getting full. So, I’ve spent the afternoon going through them. Photos and videos from holidays all over the world and, of my beautiful family and my darling dogs. I had so many doubles and even triples of the same photos! It was fun looking through them, revisiting holidays again because I can’t travel due to the inconsiderate pandemic!

I got through some, I still have about a million to go through! I’ve left it for now because I’ve cleared up some storage space. The reason why I actually got on to the photos is because I’m teaching myself Photoshop, finally. I’ve put it off for years. Some serious fun and creativity is to be had once I learn Photoshop, I know that, but, I was being too impatient to learn! When I get impatient it shows up as “I couldn’t be bothered  focusing.” Imagine if I would have started teaching myself properly all those years ago when I first wanted to do it. I’m sick of myself and my excuses and laziness! Enough is enough! I’m making time and committing to this…watch this space!!

I’ve still got a book to write and all the other stuff I have committed to doing in 365 days, and the new things I’ve secretly added…oh well, hopefully I’ll finish a couple. Who knows!

I’ll be back tomorrow. Stay safe! đŸ’œ


365 Days to Achieving My Success