Have you ever heard of period migraines? I hadn’t, not until the other day. I noticed over the last few months that I’d get really bad headaches when I got my period. This time it was worse than ever so, I Googled it, and guess what? Period fucking migraines are a thing! And, they last for fucking days. So, instead of my body getting ready to stop with the bullshit because I’m going to be fifty in two years and five months, it’s deciding to give me more shit to deal with! I don’t know if you can tell, but I really hate that part of being a woman. Really fucken hate it.

On another note, I did some painting today. Well, I got some paint on paper and a canvas…it was white gesso 不 but, it’s a start! In my head I am a brilliant artist! 不不不不不不不不 All I need to do is to somehow transport what is inside my head on to a canvas! Anyway, that’s me for today. I hope you’re having a nice Saturday. I’ll be back tomorrow. Stay safe.

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