Hamburger night is upon us…only a few more hours until I get to wrap my laughing gear around my tasty burger! I was telling hubby that  hamburger nights are the highlight of my life at the moment! 🤣 Lucky he’s got a great sense of humour…I wasn’t joking. I’ve had a shocking headache for a few days now, so I’ve been dosing up on Berocca. Do you guys have Berocca? I love it, I’ve been having Berocca for many, many years. And, my latest is throwing a Berocca in a mug of boiling hot water and watching it fizz, and then sipping on it like a tea. I think I might go have one now, because my energy is dropping. Yep, it’s nana nap time, three o’clock! Am I the only one who’s so fucking tired all the time????

Anyway, extra short one today! I’ll be back tomorrow. Stay safe! 💜

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