I don’t know about you, but it’s been quite an emotional roller coaster ride over the past few days in particular. I bawled my eyes out last night because I accidentally knocked over a figurine that my grandmother gave me, which was hers, and it’s head broke off. It was as though the figurine was my grandmother and that I had broken her head off! I had been given one precious thing to look after and broke it. I felt as though I failed her. It’s funny actually, now that I am writing this, I remember that yesterday I asked her to send me a very clear message. Was that her message to me? What does me knocking over the figurine mean other than I’m a clumsy clutz?!

Sleep was full of dreams last night too. I remember them which is surprising, but I’m too tired to even think about decoding them. Anyway, I’m off to have my lunch, I’m starving and have been waiting to have lunch forever! I’m a bit OCD, I have to eat my lunch at 1:00pm every day, if I don’t, it fucks up the intervals I can last before I eat dinner. I can’t afford to get too hungry otherwise I’ll end up eating anything and everything. This gives me some discipline! Anyway, it works for me.

Stay safe! I’ll be back tomorrow.

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