I decided I wanted to go to Hobby Craft today to get a few things that I forgot to order. Anyway, we made our way there, and there was a huge line to get in. I don’t do lines, not for anyone or anything! So, I went back home and ordered my stuff online. All of the shops apart from the grocery stores have massive lines to get in them. I hate shopping at the best of times. I have nothing against people who are happy to stand in line, but I’m not that person.

I’ve spent the majority of the day playing with my oracle card deck. I’ve gotten rid of about fifteen cards, so now there are only forty five. I may eliminate more or add more, who knows! It’s been a fun process. Did I tell you that I’ve got two cards mapped out ready to go? They’re not finalised yet, but, I have two cards that I’m happy with! Only forty three to go! 🤣🤣 At least it’s fun!

I haven’t looked at my book and have only thought about it a couple of times. Still feeling ok about not doing anything about it, yet.

That’s me for today. I’ll be back tomorrow. Stay safe! 💜

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