It’s Friday!! My favourite day of the week because it’s fish burger for dinner tonight! They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but that’s bullshit, the women I know (personal company included) are far better eaters and, enjoy and prioritise food and eating far more than the men I know! It’s no secret, I love my food and, I look forward to eating my meals! Can you tell I’m feeling hungry again? 🤣

I didn’t look at my book at all today! I’m going to sit with it for a while and allow myself some time…don’t worry, (I’m telling myself) I won’t let it sit for too long, the guilt and the shoves I get from my higher self won’t allow me to dwell for too long.

It’s a quickie today, I’ll be back tomorrow. Stay safe! 💜

365 Days to Achieving My Success