Well, today I haven’t touched my book at all…I’ve felt quite guilty all day because I didn’t touch it yesterday either. Maybe I’m mulling things over. I did have a moment today where I went, I hate it and it’s going down the wrong road again! Why is it so fucking hard???? I have this idea in my head but apparently that idea isn’t acceptable to how books are written! Can’t I just break all of the rules? I like that idea…anyway, we’ll see.

I spent the day today flicking through magazines and cutting out pictures and then I did my first collage painting. It was fun. I found this great teacher on YouTube and have been watching his tutorials and I love the way he has fun with his art and how he teaches. His name is Robert Burridge if you’re interested in looking him up, he has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. I can’t wait to get stuck into it even more. I just ordered some more craft supplies too!! I have to wait 3 bloody days for it to arrive. I tried to pay extra for the express postage but when I went to finalise the checkout, they said that express postage wasn’t available! 😢

Oh, and, watch this space, I’m starting a new podcast with a friend in about a month’s time, at this stage, the podcast name is going to be called Unpopular Girl. What do you think of that name?

I’ll be back tomorrow, stay safe. 💜

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