I watch Lee Harris’ energy forecasts each month and he said that this month we were going to feel exhausted…I wake up feeling more tired than when I went to sleep! I even have vitamins to get me perked up, but nope, I need to have a nana nap in the middle of the day just so I can keep going! Anybody else feeling the same? I mean, it’s not unusual for me to be tired during the day or to wake up tired and need a nana nap, but this last week in particular has been brutal!!

My scones were absolutely delicious! I had two, I couldn’t help myself. I haven’t found a decent scone in quite some time and these were on point! Actually, maybe I need to go have another one now to get me going? 😆 I found the best scone recipe, you make it with lemonade, cream and self raising flour. That’s it! And, they turn out perfectly. Here’s the link to the recipe if you’re interested in making a batch. If you do make some, let me know how they turn out.

Ok, I’m either going to go and have a scone or, have a nap. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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