My computer is behaving itself today, thankfully! I’ve been VERY productive today. I spent the day writing. I actually surprised myself because I lost track of time! Not even my usual hungry self made me stop. Have I turned a corner? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! I’ve had days like this before and the very next ended up on the couch watching Netflix all day because nothing was computing!

I have another new project on the go. I’m creating a set of oracle cards. It’s been a fun process so far. I’m not in a rush, I have no expectations and am having a good time learning and “trying” to be creative! I have a lot of resistance around creating on paper because I feel like once I put pen to paper, or paint on paper, or glue something down on to the paper that the world might end and that I’ll fuck it up by starting! It’s debilitating sometimes, but I’m getting better because I’m mindful, I know myself and it’s traits.

Anyway good people, it’s Friday afternoon, soon I’ll be munching on a yummy fish burger and hopefully be sat on my couch watching a half decent movie. I’ll be back tomorrow. Stay safe and happy Friday!

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