Day 28 today! I can’t believe that I have been checking in every day for the last 28 days, that’s very committed of me, I’m actually impressed with myself because there have been some days where I haven’t wanted to turn up at all. I’m not really a competitive person, but I do compete with myself. If I set myself a goal or a challenge, I will usually keep myself accountable. So far so good! I’m not going to try and do the math, but there’s still like a gazillion days left until the 365 is over. I’ve got to also be cautious that I don’t take that for granted and end up having to do a mad dash a month before the year is up!

Weight Loss

I’ve been doing really well, the weight is going down slowly but surely and I have been feeling a lot better, although I’ve been feeling very dizzy over the past couple of days, but that’s got nothing to do with eating. Nothing beats a routine and forward planning your meals. It’s made my life very easy in that I’m not shoving just anything down my hungry gob! I am going to go and buy a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tonight though, to show them my support for speaking out so strongly about racism and standing up for the black lives matter movement.


I’ve got to be honest, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with trying to learn the ukulele! I still can’t get Over the Rainbow to sound anything like it! Maybe I need to try a new song?! I don’t like to throw in the towel so soon…I’ll keep trying! Watch this space.

I’ll be back tomorrow, stay safe!


365 Days to Achieving My Success