It’s been a very lazy day today. I’ve been feeling a bit stir crazy being in lock down still. So, I washed my hair with my concoctions of shampoo and conditioner and then I cut it! I finally did it. I cut off a good chunk, but I think I’d like to go shorter…when I cut it I thought I should have bloody well done it three months ago when I had the urge. It’s hair right!? It would have grown a lot in those three months! I can’t believe how much I hold myself back from just doing things! Then that got me thinking about how as people, a lot of us live to be “safe” or, to stick to what we know because better the devil you know. Before you get triggered, I’m not talking about putting yourself in danger here. I’m talking about always choosing the safe or comfortable road. We learn to numb and ignore what our souls are craving for us to do. So, if we do that on a personal level, of course we’re going to turn the other way, ignore, shut down anything else we see or hear that’s an injustice, because we’re doing it to ourselves so why would we threaten our comfort or safety for anyone else?!

I do it on some level, but I try my darndest to live life uncomfortably. I don’t want to ever get too comfortable because that’s where regret festers, going back to normal. Anyway, that’s my thoughts for today. Oh, and I asked hubby to buy me a packet of the mini Oreo’s, I’ve eaten half, saving the rest for later on when I watch a movie. I’m just about to go for a walk.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


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