So much to do today and, I had the concentration span of a fly and, things just weren’t working! But I do have a pretty awesome new playlist on Amazon Music . I’ve been listening to some oldies from way back, heaps of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Prince, INXS, ACDC and so many more amazing artists! We’re really spoiled for choice aren’t we? I love music, I listen to it every single day, just like I write every day, I listen to music too. What music do you listen to?

My Book

Update from my editor friend, she hasn’t died of boredom reading it!! YAY!!! And, she even said that she loved it! I was so excited after I read her email. I saw it just before I went to sleep and then it took me ages to finally fall asleep because I was so excited! I’ll have a lot of work ahead of me when she finishes this round of editing, so I am trying to finish all of the projects I currently have. But, I also need variety even when I write because I lose concentration so easily and need to move to something else. That’s why building websites is good for me because if I get bored with one page or, it’s not quite working out how I want it to, I can move on to another page. I love scrolling through all of the images and choosing particular ones for the pages. It’s a bit of a magical process for me. Very relaxing when things fall into place, but when they don’t, you can hear me swearing a mile away!

Weight Loss

It’s Friday night again, burger night. I’ve had fish burgers the last couple of Fridays and am looking forward to having it tonight. Only a few hours to go lol, can you tell I’m hungry!?

I’ll see you tomorrow, stay safe. Happy Friday!

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