It’s my dad’s 83rd birthday today, so I spent the morning Face timing my family in Australia, virtually hanging with them because they’re having a birthday dinner for him and they’re all at my sister’s house. It’s really nice because I get passed around from person to person and get to hang out and catch up as if I’m actually there. Then we all sang happy birthday. It’s nice to be able to catch up with them all, even if it isn’t in the flesh. I often think about my mum and how when her and dad moved to Australia, she left her parents and siblings behind and didn’t have the luxury to speak to them as often as I get to speak to my family. Phone calls back then were VERY expensive and, I don’t think my grandparents had a telephone in their house at that stage. It must have been very hard and lonely for her. It really makes me appreciate the life I have and the luxuries I have too. And, it makes me appreciate my parents a lot more too.

On another note, as you’re aware, I’ve been very agro lately, and it’s not just the premenstrual stuff, I wish it was! A lot of it isn’t actually agro, it’s deep, deep hurt and pain. It’s because of all of the injustice going on in the world. The agro is towards so called leaders and teachers of spiritual based businesses, or heart based businesses who haven’t spoken out at all about these injustices. It’s towards all of the people who choose to turn a blind eye, or, to live in their own bubble, who are “creating their own reality.” How lucky and privileged you are if none of this affects your life! What a place to be!!

I’ve been saying this for a long time, the time is coming that this will no longer be acceptable. Their silence is acquiescence. These people are part of the reason as to why nothing changes in the world. These are the type of people who turn the other way, or, stay silent when they witness bullying. If you can sit quietly and not say anything out of fear of what it’s going to do to your reality, to your business, or to your life, then you’re not worthy of being a leader.

The time is up. People see this. You are doing more harm to your business and reputation in the long run if you continue to remain silent. And, it’s just basic fucken human decency to look out for a fellow human being and speak up! I’m sure I’m not the only one that sees this! Does anyone else see this? On a positive note though, the chaos we are currently witnessing means that great changes are happening! I’m glad about that.

I don’t care if people don’t like that I speak up. I’ve always gotten into trouble for being the one to speak up or out. Do you know how many people who I have stood up to have said things like, in my 30 years of being here, no one has ever said that – or, I’ve been here 15 years and no one has ever dared say that! And I’m like, well, take a seat buddy, let me tell it to you like you’ve never wanted to listen to it before! Speak up, always. Don’t be scared. I know it’s easier said than done, and if in the moment you are scared, or it’s dangerous to speak out, then do something about it as soon as you can and don’t stop speaking up and out!

Together we can create a reality that is safe and peaceful for everyone in the world, not just for a few privileged.

Ok, let’s get down to how I’ve been doing with my stuff…

Weight Loss

Yesterday I made that eggplant dish that I talked about making the other day and it turned out amazing if I do say so myself. I’ll write out the recipe later and link it here somehow. It’s a purely vegan dish and I just ate it with some bread. Is bread vegan? I couldn’t be bothered Googling that right now, but will later. We also went walking last night.  I walked slower than I usually do yesterday because my feet are still sore and I didn’t want to push it…and, to be brutally honest, I’m still feeling resistance to going for a walk out of pure laziness! The weather has been amazing here and they’ve relaxed restrictions to allowing up to 6 people to meet outdoors as long as they remain 2 metres apart from one another. Well, that ain’t happening! People are out in groups of more than 6 and are having boozy picnics in the parks, and the police aren’t doing a thing about it. Which is fine because the government is in part saying one thing and doing another! Who knows what the fuck is going on! I know that I’m getting a bit of cabin fever, I’ve been eager to go travelling and can’t wait for that part of life to go back to normal, but of course I’d welcome more environmentally sustainable travel.

My Book

My editor friend emailed me yesterday and we’re meeting early next week to discuss next steps! YAY!!! She’ll get me back on track. I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve missed writing and feeling that it was finally taking shape.

Ok, I’ve dilly dallied enough today, I better press publish and get on with the day! Have a great Sunday and I’ll be back tomorrow! 💜

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