I woke up in the middle of the night last night and remembered that I forgot to tell you about my hair concoction that I made! My hair feels sooooo much softer. I’m going to go shopping today and buy some flaxseed oil and add that to my concoction after I wash my hair next. I don’t even mind my hair being so long anymore because it’s not frizzy and so dry. I also haven’t coloured my hair for months! It’s both liberating and scary to see, when I actually look in the mirror…I’m one of those people that doesn’t really spend much time in front of the mirror. I don’t wear any makeup, and if on the rare occasion I do, it’s only a bit of black eye liner, and, if we’re talking about getting really fancy and dressed up, I’ll even wear some mascara! 🤣  I only really look at myself in the mirror when I brush my teeth and when I’m doing that, I’m too busy looking at my teeth to notice anything else.

I don’t feel the need to look at myself in the mirror because I’m more concerned about how I feel like on the inside. I spent many years worrying about what I looked like from the outside and it ended up wasting a lot of my time, energy and emotions. I’ve opted for a much simpler life these days in every way you can imagine. I care about my mental health more than anything and simplifying everything and, being more mindful about my triggers and how I work, helps keep me in a nice neutral place, unless I’m premenstrual, and you got a small glimpse of what that looked like in yesterday’s blog!

Back to my hair, when I do catch a glimpse of the salt and pepper look in the mirror, I admit that I start judging myself and telling myself that I should colour it so it doesn’t look so, crazy! But, when I think about going and buying the hair colour and then colouring my hair, I realise that I’d only really be doing it for other people. I want my hair to look and feel healthy, and when it does, the greys and whites don’t stand out so much. I’m ok with that for now, and if I decide to colour it, I will, no biggy.

I’ll keep you posted with how the flaxseed oil goes. Who else doesn’t colour their hair? Or, if you do, what brand of colour have you found that isn’t so harsh or, that is chemical free? Maybe henna?

Weight Loss

All calorie counting went out the window yesterday and the night before. I was ok with the decision I made and enjoyed eating chocolate and drinking wine. However, I have remained faithful to my decision to be a pescatarian and, for hamburger night last night, I had a fish burger! It was so nice! Eventually I’ll just make veggie patties or something, but for now, I was really happy to find a substitute to be able to continue our tradition of Friday night hamburger night. I didn’t go walking yesterday either, but I’m definitely going today. I want to and need to!

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, how did you make the decision to transition? Do you have any nice recipes or tips to share?

My Book

I haven’t heard back from my editor friend yet, I don’t expect to until mid next week, she’s a busy girl. I’m still mulling things over and know that a lot of the stalling and new roadblocks I’m creating myself. It’s just resistance coming up again! The usual characters show up, I refer to them as the Negative Nancy Committe (the NNC), they say things like, who do you think you are thinking you’ve got anything worthwhile to share! Or, your writing is terrible, simple and nothing makes sense, just stop before you embarrass the fuck out of us! Pretty nasty bunch in there huh? My biggest fear is, what if people are mean and tease me about what I have written. All that effort and blood, sweat and tears and it and I get ridiculed! Once it’s out there, it’s out there, I can’t take it back and I can’t go hide under a rock! FUCK!! The other part of me says, what if it’s really good and it’s what people want and need! I know not everyone is going to like it or read it. Not everyone who I come into contact with likes or wants to hang out with me, and I’m the same, I don’t like every person that I meet, and that’s cool. I suppose the difference is that I don’t go the next step and become nasty and unkind. Then there’s the other me who says, who gives a fuck, just do it girl!! I try and take her advice the most! She’s got her shit together and, we have a lot more fun when she’s in charge! Life is more exciting.

Do you have a Negative Nancy Committee? How do you drain them out? 

Ok, I better get cracking and start doing something else, even though I love writing this. It’s Saturday and it’s a beautiful day out, not that we can really go anywhere to enjoy it. I’ll probably spend a bit of time out on the balcony catching some rays and telepathically chatting with my adopted son over the road. 🤣  I’m still waiting for my own son to ring me! Lucky I have a daughter too, she’s her mummy’s girl, she rings me often and we have nice long chats about all kinds of things. I hope you have a lovely day/night and I’ll see you tomorrow. 💜

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