The water here in Belfast really dries everything out! My hair is already dry, but bloody hell, it’s so dry now it’s as though it could just snap. Years ago I decided to do research into making my own shampoo and conditioner, so I did that again a couple of weeks ago because I’m so close to just shaving all my hair off! Anyway, I ordered some essential oils, rose, bergamot oil and others. I bought coconut oil, apple cider vinegar (ACV) and bi carb of soda. Today, I washed it with bi carb of soda, I love how squeaky clean my scalp feels after washing with that. I even washed my face with it! 🤣 (I don’t know if you’re meant to or not, but everything seems ok). I did an extra wash with bought shampoo, just in case, but next time I’m going to try it without using the bought shampoo.

I had mixed about a cup of ACV with a couple of drops of rose oil (that shit costs a tonne, but it smells good and masks the smell of the ACV), I used that as conditioner and didn’t use any store bought conditioner. I towel dried my hair then I rubbed the coconut oil and bergamot oil mix I had made. I used about two tablespoons of coconut oil and 5 drops of bergamot oil and stirred it in. The coconut oil melted in my hands, so it was nice and easy to rub in. I’ve plaited it and have put it up in a wrap. It feels good, but, I’ve got a long way to go because it didn’t feel like the coconut oil was moisturising my hair. I did read that if you add sesame seed oil to the coconut and bergamot mix it makes a difference. I’ll go on the hunt for that next time I’m out.

I’ve totally ruined my hair over the years between colouring it and getting keratin straightening done. The keratin straightening was fabulous for the first few times, but I noticed that my hair was breaking and eventually, when I got it done, it didn’t look and feel as silky as it previously had. I think my hair became immune to it and was telling me to stop fucking with it! I have very long hair, it’s down to my butt, but, I always wear it up and have seriously been considering cutting it to a shoulder length bob…do I have the guts to do it???? I don’t know why I’m so chicken shit about cutting my bloody hair! I mean, it’ll grow back, it’s just hair! Maybe I have to make a public declaration about cutting it. It’s like that with other things in life, our thoughts can blow things right out of proportion and cause us to doubt ourselves and turn something seemingly natural and simple as getting a hair cut into a massive fear! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Watch this space, and I’ll let you know how my hair looks/feels tomorrow once I take the wrap off it later.

Weight Loss

The scales haven’t budged despite me sticking to the 1200 calories like a mofo and, walking everyday, except for Saturday. But, I do feel it in my body, as in, my love handles aren’t as big and my back flab has shrunk a little. I’ll take that! I don’t think I can go walking tonight because I managed to get a massive blister on my foot last night after our walk and it hurts like hell. I’m desperate to find some comfy shoes!

My Book

I haven’t read any more of my book, I was too scared that I’d fall asleep again. 🤣  No, in all seriousness, I’m building two websites at the moment and want to get them finished so I can concentrate completely on my book and learning the ukulele. But, I’m also marinating thoughts about what I have read and what I am trying to express, if that makes sense. Sometimes it’s good to walk away from something for a while and then go back to it with fresh eyes.

Thanks for reading, have a great day/night, I’ll be back tomorrow! 💜


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