I almost didn’t go for my walk yesterday because it was really windy out, it was Friday night, and, to be bluntly honest with you, I just couldn’t be bothered. But, I had this very guilty feeling when decided that I was going to give in to my excuses and not go walking. I sat on my couch to watch tv for the night and couldn’t relax and knew that I would regret not going, so, I decided I’d go for an hour and not my usual longer walk. My friend told me about a plan she is on and as part of it, she has to walk an hour a day. So, instead of counting my steps, I watched the clock like a hawk! It was a bloody grind though. I didn’t want to be out walking and kept asking my husband every minute or so what the time was which frustrated me even more. He’s a sweetheart, he never complains about me complaining…he must just switch off or be deaf. I don’t know, but thank God he’s like what he is.

Anyway, while I was walking, and momentarily not thinking about the time, I thought about how giving myself 365 days to accomplish goals was a clever idea that my higher self came up with because in reality, what’s a year? How many years have I wasted or have you wasted saying that you’re going to do something and never get it done? So, in 365 days from five days ago, at least I’ll be further along than I was. What have you been putting off  for too long that you can commit to doing in 365 days or less?

Weight Loss

I’ve been wanting to become a vegetarian and even a vegan for many years now. I’ve been toying with the idea but, again, never took the time to properly get started or implement it. I’m seriously thinking of starting it today! I’ll do the research and get a meal plan or recipes organised, and will then just start. Fuck! Did I just make another public pledge? I’m really nervous about this one because food for me is like an obsession. I plan what we are going to eat for dinner while I’m eating my breakfast! I’m food obsessed, there’s no denying it or trying to hide it! So, what should I do? I’m thinking out loud here, maybe I can mainly eat vegetarian and vegan and, on the occasion eat something with meat in it. I’ll work that out later. At my core though, I don’t feel good about eating meat anyway because I feel sorry for the animals! I’m also an animal lover! I’ve noticed when I cook meat these days I apologise and thank it while I cook it! That mustn’t be too good for the digestion. I’ll keep you posted with vegetarian and vegan recipes I find if you’re interested. Or, if you have any, please don’t hesitate to share them! I better finish this blog post now because I have to go and research vegetarian recipes for my dinner tonight! It’s all about priorities right?! 😂

Anyway, have a great day/night where ever you are in the world, and, if you can, why not start thinking about what you’d like to have done by this time next year, and, if I can push you a little more, why not write it down! 🤩



365 Days to Achieving My Success