Today’s post has heaps of links to sites so if you’re interested in finding out more or reading more about what I am talking about, it’s just a mouse click away! I’m not selling anything and, I’m not an affiliate, so I am not making any money, just sharing, because sharing is caring! 😉

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle. I had a plan for the day, to work on a client’s website, then work on my book and go for a walk. Well, I swear Mercury retrograde must be lingering like a big black cloud over my house early because nothing was going right with the website! I’ve spent the last four days in chats with tech guys who kept fucken hand balling me to someone else. They eventually sorted the issue and I got cracking, only to find that something else had decided to crap itself! So, as any decent human being would do, I gave up! Walked away before I threw my computer out of the window. There was a silver lining in that happening though, my new ukulele got delivered yesterday! 


I’ve always loved music, I mean who doesn’t? My love runs deep into my soul. I must’ve been a musician in a past life or something. I never learned to play an instrument properly though, which, I am going to rectify now, at the age of 47! When I was younger, I taught myself how to play a couple of simple songs on the piano, guitar and recorder. I have an ear for music but didn’t have the patience or want to learn how to read music. Even today I don’t want to learn how to read music, is that slack or just plain mad? Oh well, whatever it is, it’s me! I know you can learn without reading music because I have a little cousin (he’s not so little anymore, he’s a grown man), he was born blind, and he had a passion and obsession for the piano and singing. He taught himself how to play just by listening and practicing and now he’s a famous musician in Iran and among the Iranian community around the world. Pretty impressive huh! Just goes to show if you follow your passion, no matter what your circumstances, you can live your dreams.

I ordered a new Uke the other day, it’s really cute, it has bright flowers all over it and, the first song I want to learn is Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the Israel Kamakawiwoʻole version. And, yesterday it arrived which coincided with what would have been Israel’s 61st birthday (thanks for that info Google). I love how the Universe sends signs like that! 💜  I watched some Youtube videos for beginner uke players and came across one where the girl explained things very simply.  Now I have learned the notes and, am currently trying to make it sound like the actual song! That’s going to take a lot of practice! I’m so glad that I made the public pledge about playing the uke or guitar because I feel I would most likely put it aside and not make the time for it. The other thing I have found is that I am really motivated, and very inspired to actually learn it. I imagine that I am practicing and getting ready to perform in front of the whole school. I’m laughing out loud here because when I was a kid, I loved performing, but that love got buried deep under a mountain of MASSIVE FEAR! I’ve been too chicken shit to even show up on video…notice that I didn’t make that a public pledge? This girl ain’t ready for that big step yet!


After playing around with the uke, I sat down to write more of my book but I noticed that I was getting very anxious and was unable to actually write. Every time I went to write, I was really negative about what I had just written and, was questioning it all. And, I kept feeling that I was repeating myself, so, I decided to print the whole thing out. It’s over 40,000 words and 76 pages long. I’ve still got a long way to go until it’s finished. Today I’m going to sit my arse down on the couch and read it from start to end and, I’ll have a pen, sticky notes and scrap paper beside me so I can write notes to myself which I won’t forget!! Hopefully I don’t lose them. I even created a mock cover for it and gave it a title, it’s not the one I’m sticking with, it’s just to make me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel, it worked! So far the title I have come up with is “Don’t Go back to Normal, Instead, Follow Your Curiosity ~ A two part book about becoming your true self and awakening to your spirituality.” It doesn’t grab me. What do you think? If you have any ideas, I’d love your input or ideas.


In the lead up to starting this, I was looking at ways I could help myself get out of my rut and, to not end up hating myself. I know that ultimately, I’m the only one who can make my dreams a reality, but, there was a very big part of me who was waiting for the fairy Godmother to come and wave her magic wand and just make things happen without me having to do the work! The ironic thing here is that I’m not scared of working or hard work. I love it when I’m busy and productive. I don’t like it when I’m busy doing bullshit which is totally unproductive! So, I started to watch YouTube videos on mindset and listened to a couple of podcasts and read a whole heap of stuff, and now I have 14 bright yellow post it notes stuck all over my desk and computer telling me how to think!

I’m telling you, it works and, I’m never going to stop using them and repeating them to myself, however, this time I am going to take considered and productive steps towards achieving my goals too. That’s how I managed to get a law degree all those years ago. I’m not an academically gifted person, I really struggled at school, but, I am one persistent little fucker when it comes to wanting to achieve a goal.  I lost her somewhere along the way, but now, I’m finding that girl again and, uncovering parts of her that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet!

One of my favourite go to mindset people is Emmet Fox. He has some really simple, yet powerful processes that he teaches, he does talk about God a lot, so if that puts you off, just take God to be whoever you believe it/him/her to be. I’m not religious at all, but am a strong believer in God and prayer, and not the type of prayer that religions teach. Anyway, two of his teachings that have helped me the most are The Golden Key – basically he says, when you’re stressing or obsessing/focusing on something or someone negative, “golden key” them or it and say in your head, “Now I am going to ‘golden key’ (say name of person or situation etc)”: Once you have said that, you’re supposed to replace the thoughts of that person or situation with the thought of God. My slant to it is this: I imagine the key going into a lock, and then I say, Now I golden key (whatever) then the key turns and I start saying stuff like: “there is only love,” “I am love,” “I surround myself with love,” “truth is key,” “I am safe,” etc. There’s no right or wrong, just keep what you are saying positive so your focus shifts because remember, it’s what we focus on that we attract! The other Emmet Fox teaching I love is The 7 Day Mental Diet. That one is a beauty, and despite its simplicity, it is fucken hard. I’ve had to restart a few times.

I wholeheartedly believe that we can heal ourselves and, we can achieve anything we want to achieve, we need to work on ourselves and that’s a full time job that never ends, but, the results are worth it. Just to be clear here too, I’m not saying that we have to do all of the heavy lifting ourselves either. There is help and support out there, over the years I’ve personally worked with psychologists, with the emotion code, have had my Akashic records read, been to kinesiologists, reflexologists, osteopaths, you name it, I’ve done it along my journey to heal and to be the best version of myself, and I’ve still got a long way to go. Ultimately, you can get all of that help, but if you don’t work on shifting your mindset, you’re going to remain stuck! Are you ready to achieve your dreams? 💫 💜

365 Days to Achieving My Success