Today, I have decided that I am getting out of my own way. In the past I’ve done some really epic stuff and been able to create a lot of success, however, for the past few years I have really gotten in my own way and have held myself back.

It frustrates the shit out of me and, I end up spiraling down into the depths of feeling lost, stuck and, even depressed. I waste time, and loads of it! But deep down inside I know that I am here, as are you, to create something that hasn’t been created before, to do those BIG things that we imagine doing! Those things that drive us, that have driven us since as far back as we can remember.

I know it can happen. It’s happened for me in the past. I know that all I have to do is to decide, to hold myself accountable, by sharing it out loud, the more public the better, and then just start taking steps towards achieving it!

I know that you are capable too. We all are. We just need to change what we did yesterday. It wasn’t that productive right? Or, if it was, it was probably a one off. But you can be productive towards turning your dreams and ideas into reality. Into living them. I’ve done it, but got lost in my thoughts and under my fear excuses along the way.

Fear! That fucker!! Fear of being judged. Fear of being wrong. Fear of who knows what!! Telling myself and convincing myself that anyone can do or share what I am trying to do and share. Bloody hell, enough is enough! I’m taking back my power. I’m going to come here each day and check in with you for the next 365 days. I am going to be my own experiment.

So, here I am in front of you (if there’s anybody out there actually reading this), pledging and declaring this to myself:

💫 In 365 days from today, I will have finished my book and published it and will be holding workshops
and speaking to audiences of women to inspire them.

💫 In 365 days from today, I will have lost 15 kilograms.

💫 In 365 days from today, I will have written at least 1 song and will learn the Ukulele or guitar and will record myself playing it and will post it here and on my Facebook page.

💫 In 365 days from today, I will write at least 12 new poems.

💫 In 365 days from today, I will have written 365 blog posts about my journey to my success.

Here goes! You can join me too if you want to. Whenever you see this, just start by commenting below and declaring to me what you will have achieved in 365 days from today. Or, you can send me an email. But, publicly declaring is so much more powerful!

Here’s to turning our dreams and ideas into reality and to living life fully with excitement and joy, no more fucken excuses! ❤

365 Days to Achieving My Success