Finding the Girl was born from my many years of looking for that thing that I couldn’t put into words, it seemed bigger than me and I ended up chasing it down many roads that I thought it definitely lived. For example, the road  to success. My whole idea of success was skewed and only based around money and materialistic possessions. I measured my success by accumulating property and luxury items.

But what happens when you smash every financial goal and then some but still find yourself feeling unhappy and empty?

According to society’s idea of success, I should have been happy!

I should have had nothing to complain about, and trust me, I didn’t feel good feeling like I did which added insult to injury. I felt guilty and ungrateful. And, in all seriousness, who feels sorry for someone who, from the outside looking in, seems to have it all? Who can sympathise with them or actually listen to them without judging them or truly helping them understand?

No-one I came across, so, I kept my mouth shut and kept trying to stay positive. Trying to fake it til I made it!

But eventually it caught up to me. The unhappiness and that constant need to fill that gaping hole no longer worked. Faking it til I made it wasn’t cutting it, and life and the Universe weren’t going to let me live a lie or in a way that wasn’t the absolute truth of what my soul wanted.

It was tough, and that’s not even a strong enough word to describe the pain I went through. I was brought to my knees over and over, and, I got dragged down the hardest roads and, I went kicking and screaming most of the way. I had no idea that everything “bad” that was happening to me was in fact the catalyst to me shedding bullshit layers so I could hone in on the deepest truths and my soul desires.

I didn’t know that then, and, even now I sometimes fall into the habit of thinking that I am getting punished or, that I am a victim of unfortunate circumstances, I am a slow learner sometimes and as Homer Simpson would say, DOH!

I also finally realised that the thing that I had been searching for all of my life was myself! I’d been on a journey without knowing it, of finding my true self, the girl who was buried deep under trying to keep up an appearance for others, of self doubt, fear, hurt, societal expectations, deluded expectations of self and others, responsibility,…insert anything else you can think of here.

I’m 47 this year and I am happy to report that I am still on a journey of finding the girl within. These days I am more aware and, can stop and smell the roses, so it’s not as painful as it was in the past, but for the sake of  transparency, I have to tell you that there are still days or periods where I find myself clueless to the beauty that is going on and fall into the habit of worrying and overthinking and chasing thoughts down the many rabbit holes or creating mountains out of them! And again, as Homer Simpson would say, DOH!

The hope for Finding The Girl is to inspire other women to allow the girl who is buried underneath all of the shit to be her truest self and live her truest life. 

It’s about creating a supportive community and offering services to help you and others build your confidence in your self, your business and life.

I am hoping to attract others who are not only like minded, but, who aren’t scared to stand out and be different, who truly celebrate differences and, who genuinely want to live a life true to themselves and, to see others live a life true to themselves.

If every person lives their truth, we can actually achieve world peace!

If you are in your own business or are wanting to create a business, Finding The Girl can help you along your way. I believe in disrupting the current trends and, fully condone you creating and conducting your business according to who you truly are and how you truly want!